Can laser hair removal help with ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs, particularly on the beard, neck and back area are very common in men. For many men ingrown hairs and the pain and unpleasant appearance that go along with them is a problem that they have learned to live with. Many people are not aware that laser hair removal can help to solve the problem of ingrown hairs.

Using laser hair removal, the chances of suffering ingrown hairs in problem areas is reduced by removing the offending hair for good where possible.

In fact, the condition of Pilonidal Sinus, which results is very painful cysts, is believed to be caused by ingrown hairs and laser hair removal is often recommended by dermatologists in preventing the condition reoccurring.

Treatment usually involves 6-8 sessions in the problem area spaced approximately 6 weeks apart. The result is a permanent reduction of hair in that area and as a result a permanent reduction in ingrown hairs.

Find out more about laser hair removal for men at HRBR in this short video

How do I know laser hair removal will work for my ingrown hairs?

At HRBR, we carry out a detailed initial consultation with each patient before we commence treatment, to determine each person’s suitability for laser hair removal.

To find out more on how laser hair removal can help with ingrown hairs, contact the clinic today to arrange an initial consultation by emailing or calling 00353 1 209 1000. If you have any other questions about laser hair removal at HRBR, see the detailed FAQ section on our website.

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