Does masturbation cause male pattern baldness?

The short answer is no!

Recent headline grabbing stories in the media would have you believe otherwise, however for a man to develop male pattern baldness, he must have the genetic predisposition from one or both parents and the male sex hormone DHT in the circulation system. Time is also an important factor as male pattern hair loss is a progressive condition for life with no known cure.

Sexual intercourse, spontaneous nocturnal ejaculation (wet dreams) and masturbation can cause very minor fluctuations in the levels of male sex hormones present in the body. However, the level of testosterone and the other sex hormones fluctuate naturally throughout the day, with them being highest early in the morning.

Misinformation about Hair Loss and Miracle Cures

A recent Google search for hair loss treatments revealed over 3 billion results! This demonstrates that snake oil salesmen continue to prey on the vulnerability that some men experience when they start losing their hair. Hair loss is not just a physical issue. It can also have a significant psychological impact. Our advice to all men who have concerns about their hair loss is to seek out a knowledgeable doctor, who while being empathetic to their concerns, will be truthful and honest with them.

The cliché, if it appears too good to be true it usually is, applies to hair loss in men.

Treatment at HRBR

Treatments at HRBR are based only on scientific evidence. There are two FDA approved medical treatments for male pattern hair loss, minoxidil and the 5 alpha reductase inhibitors. These treatments can help up to 90% of men stabilise the progression of their hair loss for up to twenty years in suitable patients.

Hair transplantation when performed correctly can be a life changing experience in patients who are suitable for this undertaking. However, a poorly executed and badly designed hair transplant is worse than being bald (caveat emptor). Over recent years, HRBR has seen an increase in the number of patients who seek hair transplant repair treatment following poorly executed hair transplants from other clinics.

Our final words of advice, beware of headline grabbing sensational statements regarding hair loss and baldness in men.

Instead, get advice from a properly qualified doctor who is knowledgeable on this specialised medical condition. To talk to the team about hair loss and how we can help you contact  +353 (0)1 209 1000 or email

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