The Importance of Eyebrows


It is often said that we express ourselves through our eyes, but it is not only the eyes that help express our feelings, we express ourselves even more with our eyebrows. They help frame the face and give expression when we are excited, cross, surprised, interested, sympathetic or bored.

We can all think of men and women who look great without hair (think of Sinead O’Connor or Andre Agassi), however not everyone does. What can often influence whether someone looks well or otherwise without their hair is often their eyebrows. Generally, men and women who have strong eyebrows will be thought of as looking better than those whose eyebrows are weak. This is due to the fact that although they may be missing a hair line, they still have strong eyebrows to help frame their face.

In a recent eyebrow reconstruction procedure at HRBR, the surgeons used hair from the back (nape) of the patient’s neck. Hair in this area is tapered at the top and grows to a shorter length than the hair on the rest of the head, so it is ideal for transplanting into the eyebrows.

The procedure used was Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a method of removing each follicular unit individually before planting. Every solitary hair follicle is meticulously placed one by one, and the hair is pointed so that it grows in the same direction as the hair that is already in the brow.

The surgeons at HRBR have performed many eyebrow transplants on both men and women. Some patients came to HRBR looking for advice after over-plucking, some had an injury that caused a scar along the eyebrow, while others found their eyebrows had thinned and wanted to build back up the density.

One of our eyebrow transplant patients has recorded a video where he describes his experience of losing his eyebrow, and the process he went through to have it reconstructed.

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