Irish Men Want More Hair Roo!

Wayne’s transplant a hit
By Catriona Loughran

Publication : Star
Date: 18/ 08 / 2011

Wayne Rooney’s recent hair transplant has sparked a flurry of enquiries from balding Irish men keen on the same revolutionary treatment, a top clinic has revealed. In the last few months, Hair Restoration Blackrock has noticed an increase in phone calls from men eager on getting their precious hair back. Leading surgeon Dr Maurice Collins said Wayne Rooney (25) has removed the stigma attached to hair transplants and has encouraged more Irish men to make the call. “Ever since Wayne Rooney went public we have definitely seen a marked increase in the amount of enquiries, particularly over the  summer months and certainly more Irish men are confident in talking to us about their problem,” he said.

In June the Manchester United striker spent £34,000 on a hair transplant. Dr Collins praised the young footballer for his bravery and said he has helped a lot of men take action on their personal care. “I think Wayne Rooney going public was a brave move and provided solace to a lot of men who suffer a great deal from this problem,” he said.

Hair transplantation is a technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body to bald or balding parts. And despite the recession having a knock-on effect across the business world, Dr Collins claimed the clinic has not been adversely affected. “Thankfully business has not been affected.

“A hair transplant is a life-long investment and people, like Wayne Rooney, value their personal care here in Ireland.”

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