Patient Testimonial, Dublin, December 2011

I started loosing my hair gradually over the last 10 years and wanted to do something about it. I’m a very confident person so that wasn’t the issue but I looked better when I had more hair so I didn’t see why I should accept my condition. When you are getting a transplant you are getting an operation performed on the most visible part of your body so it was very important for me to get the right medical team. I didn’t look for the cheapest or the dearest. I looked for the best. What I expected was to find a medical team with facilities equal to any of the best hospitals around. I also expected the highest level of care possible. This is exactly what I found. From pre operation phase to the operation and then post operation care I always felt 100% confident that I was dealing with an ultra professional team that were striving to achieve the best possible result. There is a lot of skill and work involved in Hair Transplantation so dealing with the best transplant surgeon and team is essential if you want a totally natural result.

Now 6 months after the operation I am getting so many positive comments and no negative ones. Watching my hair grow back after so many years of loosing it is a total pleasure!!! I feel more content with myself and happier with my look. Why should men accept to live with a condition that is now solvable?

All the best,

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