Patient Testimonial, Dublin, June 2009

Dear Dr. Collins,

It was when I was about 24 or 25 that I noticed my hair was thinning. I didn’t mind the receding hairline but when I looked in the mirror, or was at the hairdresser, and saw the extent of the thinning my confidence completely went overnight. After a few weeks I began to wear a baseball cap. To make things worse my dad, uncles and many other family members all had great hair. From the start I wanted to do something about it and not let it get worse. I endlessly looked up the internet, saw ads in papers and saw an ad in the Irish Times. The reason for writing this letter is “you have to pay for good results”. This is definite and if money is a problem it is better to do nothing. The advertisement in a very professional newspaper impressed me. I saw all the “before and after” pictures on the internet, on leaflets and newspapers and it felt to me they were trying too hard “to sell”. I looked at Irish, European and U.S. internet sites. I didn’t want to travel but wanted my confidence back. I rang some Irish and UK clinics and they wanted to make appointments for the next week and kept ringing me back. This worried me as professional and reputable businesses should not be so over-keen to secure payments, quick surgery, no pain and they offered me discounts over the phone. My gut feeling was to ring the ad from the Irish Times. I rang it and it was Hair Restoration Blackrock and my appointment was for, I think, four months later. It was not a free consultation which impressed me more, after all “you get what you pay for”. To cut out unnecessary worrying leading up to the appointment I saw a DVD of a surgery on a Dublin man. The result was fantastic and he appeared on TV again and it was very true and no lies. The moment I entered for my consultation I knew this was the right place for me. After a thorough consultation I was given medication and foam to control further hair loss and an appointment to go back for a further consultation in a year. No sales pitch, just professionalism from people with a lot of experience and sincere attitude. A year later and the medication and foam were working but I wanted surgery and I was definite in my mind. I was 27 when I got a date for surgery and got a loan to pay for it. Other clinics on the internet with all the “before and after” pictures were half or more of the price I paid. This made me think 100% I had made the right decision to have surgery at this clinic.

The day of surgery I was nervous everybody would be natural. From the moment I entered the room, the surgeon and his team made me feel completely at ease and, after six-seven hours, it was a good day out after watching DVDs and having lunch. There was no pain and Dr. Collins and his whole team are the most professional people I have met. I want to emphasise that his team and nurse Jo Scannell are so professional and helpful. I could not have asked for better attention. Aftercare was great too and I could ring or email with any questions. The most important thing to me was the results and six months later I am delighted and to me the most important thing was nobody noticed as it was so gradual and natural looking. One friend had commented on my hair loss but not the “transplant” as it is so gradual and totally natural nobody will notice. My confidence is back and the baseball cap is gone and I have it all to thank to Dr. Collins and his team. The pain and torture of looking in the mirror is a distant memory and my hair seems to be improving as the months go by. It cost me but “I got what I paid for”. If I had gone to a “salesperson clinic” a simple surgery for professionals like Dr. Collins and Jo Scannell could have ended up with me telling a different story.

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