Patient Testimonial, Dublin, April 2013

About three years ago, I first noticed ‘thinning’ at my temples. Not thinking much of it at first, it progressed until, about 18 months ago, it was an all consuming obsession! I was losing hair daily, and my temples and crown in particular were getting very sparse! The stress and fear was unbearable with my mind constantly filled with worry and obsessing about my hairline. Sneaking glimpses in reflective surfaces and checking it 100 times a day became the norm, on top of increasing paranoia that ‘of course’ everyone was looking at the top of my head! The stress was impacting my life and, as a 36 year old man with a young family my self-image was not ready for baldness!

I researched extensively online, read about the condition, the cures, the quackery! I was bamboozled by lasers, creams, lotions, potions and all manner of ‘surgical’ options. Many seems tempting, but as a ‘nerd’ I needed to understand the science behind the options and in pretty much all cases, there was none. My online searching brought my attention to HRBR. Instantly, I felt this was something I could trust. They were local, reputable, and, unlike everything else I’d looked at, were run by a real surgical team with real science and experience to back it up. Within an hour of watching the videos and reading the testimonials, I had dropped an email to HRBR, received a prompt reply and booked my consultation.

On my arrival, I met with Maurice who gave me all the answers I needed and the total and utter reassurance I craved. For once, I had a plan of action that could fix my problem! While not a cheap option, the price tag was in itself reassuring! When you see the team, labour and skill required to make the process work, and the amazing fit out of the clinic, it was crystal clear to me that this was the option for me, and I didn’t need to look at any alternatives!

The day of the procedure itself was ‘fun’! A nice breakfast and then a day of movies, music and relaxing, while the team ‘did their thing’! I’d compare it to a cross between a visit to a spa and a dentist. The attentiveness and professionalism of the team was extremely impressive and, to be honest, I felt pampered throughout! A combination of medication and rogaine with the transplant has left me, as delighted as I am to say it, with a full head of hair again! I’ve gone from despair and obsession to having to remind myself that I had the procedure done when I look in the mirror. I no longer think about my hair, or worry about my hairline, I just get on with my life! The greatest compliment I can give all the team at HRBR is that I don’t have to think about them. They’ve simply given me back my life!

The only advice I would give anyone reading this, is go for the consultation. You will know instantly you’ve made the right choice, with the right team and you can get on with the rest of your life!

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