Dublin Patient

Dear HRBR,

I write this email to you as a 35 year old male from Dublin who would like to warn other guys similar to me from making the same mistakes I have made.

I first visited the clinic in 2005 when I first was starting to feel paranoid about my hair thinning, and wanting to take a proactive approach, and to hope that I could avoid other people noticing.
At the time I was warned against a hair transplant, partly due to the fact that I may not have really needed one at the time, but also as I was told then, that the key thing is to plan for the future and to use the donor hair you have very wisely. Instead I was recommended medical treatments, which I followed for a number of months, but in hindsight should have continued.

However as my paranoia grew, I decided I wanted a quicker fix and was ‘sucked in’ by the advertising of other commercial clinics who act in this area, and had 2 transplants over a number of years. Although I’m lucky in that they were not bad, I have now realised the ill of my ways, as now that my hair thinning has continued and I recently visited your clinic , I realise I have much limited options at this stage.

I really just wanted to email you in the hope that I can stop others making the same mistake as I did.
To others I would say, do NOT get drawn in by fancy pictures or prices that are shown by commercial clinics. They do not have your long term interests at heart and are only there to make money from you. These will only offer a temporary fix that will end up hampering any options you may have down the line as the hair thinning continues as you get older.

I wish that I had followed the advice I had received by Dr Collins when we first met, and hope that perhaps others will take heed of my advice.

Many thanks.

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