Patient Testimonial, Dublin, September 2011

To whom it may concern

I started to loose my hair (noticeably) in my late teens – by the time I was in my early 20’s it had become very noticeable

Back then, late 1980’s, it was very uncool to discuss hair – thinking about it now, it was very uncool to have your hair shaved which of course is all the rage today

Having thought about it for some time and not knowing anything about hair restoration, I decided to have a ‘blade two’ hair cut done. In those day’s, I worked for a west end of London surveying company and I would have been client facing. Image was important!

The Monday after I came in to work I was very conscious of my shaven head. It sounds crazy but I’m sure their was a whispering campaign. So much so that I couldn’t go in the next day as I was so conscious about my new hair style. I honestly thought they would fire me !!

After a few months and some research (I saw an advertisement on the tube on the way home) I decided to get hair restoration treatment. Hair restoration treatment was in it’s infancy then and I remember going to a place off Regents St, London. I don’t remember much because I thought it was a very traumatic procedure (back then). After a number of visits I came out god only knows what I looked like. But after a few moths it settled down – although I remained very conscious about my hair style and appearance in general from then on.

I probably could have left it at that but in the naughties I decided I was fed up been self conscious about my hair so I decided to shave it off again and go for a blade two What I had forgotten about was the marks on the back of my head !! I now looked ridiculous and it was then so I sought the help of HRBR, who helped me. This is not a reference for HRBR, you’ll make your mind up for yourself on them What I wanted to get across is that you’ll note in my story above that I never once mentioned seeking help – I bottled my hair loss up within side me for years. While you wouldn’t have noticed it from the outside, looking in, I have to say the whole business for me was very traumatic.

I only wish I had sought some help when I was going through the experience as a youngster. In fact, my greatest wish is that I’d had the courage to stick with the ‘blade two’ when I had it done all those years ago. Its perfectly acceptable and just thinking about now it I think I got quite a few dates back then as a result of having my hair shaven – girls actually love it!

My advice to you is don’t worry about hair loss – you will find it is more common thank you think and today there is a lot of sound advice – ‘take their advice Good luck !

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