Patient Testimonial, Limerick, July 2011

I am now 61 years of age. I had four children during my twenties and my thick, long hair started to thin and develop bald patches after my first child was born. This seemed to correct itself after my last pregnancy until I reached my forties when the problem become progressively worse, particularly affecting the top of my head and my hairline.

I found this difficult to handle and in spite of myself became a little obsessive about the situation, finding myself focusing on my hair whenever I looked in a mirror, something I avoided if possible. I also became very reluctant to be photographed.

I researched treatments and for a long time felt that what was available was unsuccessful and expensive. Some years ago I saw Mr Maurice Collins being interviewed on television and was impressed with his success rate and with his refusal to promise the impossible.My 60th birthday was approaching and my husband encouraged me to at least make an appointment and find out if I was a suitable candidate and what the cost would be.

My assessment with Mr Collins and his team resulted in my decision to go ahead with the restoration. I was given detailed instructions about what to do prior to and subsequent to the procedure and I followed these carefully. I did not find the process particularly stressful because everyone I met went to great lengths to explain what was going on and to make the experience as easy as possible.

I was told to be patient. It is now nearly fifteen months later and I am very pleased with the result. People I know are commenting on how well I look, asking (to my amusement) if I have changed my hair colour or hairstyle.

We had a family wedding a few weeks ago and I was able to enjoy the occasion without worrying about being photographed.

My hair will never return to the way it was in my youth, but then neither will the rest of me! However, I now shampoo and dry my hair without spending time in a futile attempt to disguise the obvious.

My self-image has greatly improved, grooming my hair has become a normal part of my daily routine and I can honestly say that I am very happy with the result.

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