Patient Testimonial, Meath, April 2011

Hello Everyone,

My name is Frank (not real name) and this is my story. I’m sure it will help you. I first started to notice my hair loss at my 21st party. Of all nights. I was sitting at the bar with friends having some drinks. I happened to look into the mirror behind the bar. I could see a tiny bit of recession in the middle of my head. I carried on as normal, and tried not to think about it. Then many months later it started to get worse and more noticeable. This is where I choose the wrong path. I was 22 now at this stage. I saw an advert from a commercial clinic in a tabloid paper. So of course being young and vulnerable I picked up the phone. They were over the moon I phoned. I had a consultation 4 days later.

The day came, I met a man well dressed and all smiles, as if butter wouldn’t melt….. This man or ”creep” I should say was a ”salesman”. I didn’t know that at the start. Anyway he told me he can sort me out, no problem at all, and everything will be great. So he put me on a laser course. He said ”six months will do the job”. I was delighted to hear that. 3 months later I could see the same results alright, but then just after 5 months, my hair was reversing back again. I asked the ”salesman” about this. He said sometimes this happens. He also said some people need another 6 months. I did it of course. Altogether I had laser treatment for 2 years. I know now what I’m talking about. Laser does not work, and never will work.

Things got worse.

The same salesman recommended me to try the strand by strand. In other words ”A-WIG”. I was 24 at this stage. So again I choose wrong. I decided to go for the wig. I’ll be honest it looked ok. I was happy enough at least at the start. Then time passed by the wig would fade and in my mind I knew it was a terrible idea, having this thing ”glued” on my head. I wore the wig for a total of ”3 years”. All I can say is for them 3 years I would never go outside when it was sunny or go on sun holidays. Why? Because I was afraid the sun would damage and fade the wig. So again I know what I’m talking about. Never ever have one.

But then there was light.

I came home from work one day, still having the wig on my head. I turned on RTE. Saw an advert for The Late Late Show. Roy Keane was a guest. I love Roy Keane. So I taped it and looked at it the next day. One of the first guests was Maurice Collins and 3 patients of his from ”HRBR”. They all had my problem hair loss. They all looked very well and happy since going to HRBR. I could relate to them all. I just knew the guests or Dr Collins was not a scam or anything sneaky. Why? Because for a start it was The Late Late Show, and I could just tell by Maurice he was honest and wanted to help and get the truth out there. I phoned HRBR the following Tuesday. Booked a consultation. I had to wait 3 months, but I didn’t really mind. The day came. I met Dr Collins. He was very kind and understanding towards me. He sat me down and asked me a few questions about my family hair loss history, medical questions and so on. He then examined my hair and took pictures. I had a lot of hair loss at this stage. Maurice looked at me straight in the eye and said ”Alan you will never have a full head of hair again”. I was devastated.

He also said to me I can help you. So he put me on tablets to help strengthen my hair or even reverse some of my hair loss. It was only when I got home I realised that Dr Collins was so honest and never lied or even tried to sell me anything. Even the finasteride tablets I wanted to try them, but he never pushed me to take them. He was so professional and honest. He had my best interests at heart. It was a nice change. While I was taking the finasteride I went back on the wig and see what results would show a year later. Went back to Dr Collins a year later. I had a lot of my own hair back by now. So I decided to get rid of the wig. So I got a tight hair cut and went back to work. People said I looked well and it suited me. In my own mind I was a lot happier, but I still wanted a transplant to help me feel and look even better.

I want to stress Maurice Collins never ever once said to me I need a transplant. In his words ”Nobody needs a transplant”. This was totally my decision. I had my transplant on Sept 7th 2010. Everyone at HRBR explained the procedure many weeks before my opp and on the morning of the opp I was very relaxed and knew I was in the hands of very talented and experienced people. I knew from doing all my research I was in the ”only place” in Ireland that could help me or anyone else with my problem. The procedure itself flew by, ten hours I think. I slept for about six. I never felt any pain or discomfort. It’s now six months since my opp and results are really showing. I can honestly say I’m over the moon. Maurice promised me I would never have a full head of hair again. To me it looks like all my hair is back. The results of this procedure are inside your own head. I know I look much, much better and feel better.

Very Important.

I never told Dr Collins this. He will know now after reading my letter. I explained I went to a commercial clinic, had laser treatment, wigs, and so on. Well all together ”I spent over €15,000” in that place. All that money I spent and it was ”all for nothing”. Look everyone, I promise I know what I’m talking about. Stay away from commercial clinics. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is. My message is simple if you’re thinking of treating your hair loss, HRBR are the only people that can help you. I really wish I could do more to thank Dr Collins and all the staff at HRBR.

Concluding on a funny note

I explained I taped The Late Late Show to watch Roy Keane’s interview. Well after seeing HRBR on the same show. I never bothered to watch Roys interview.

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