Declan Donnelly denies hair transplant

“Has he or hasn’t he, that is the question, the media have been asking if Dec (Declan Donnelly, of Ant and Dec fame) has had a hair transplant.

Even if Declan Donnelly were attending HRBR, we would never comment about one of their patients.

The Britain’s Got Talent star is yet again another celebrity who’s hair loss is coming under scrutiny by the media which has seemed to have an insatiable interest in this subject

“From looking at his recent photographs, Declan Donnelly appears to be dealing with his hair loss by using the only FDA approved tablet for hair loss.  If not already doing so, he would also be advised to use Rogaine Foam which contains 5% Minoxidil as there appears to be a synergy between these two medications.  Hair loss is quite common in his age group and when the effects of the treatment wears off Declan can still consider the option of a hair transplant.  The benefits of the FDA approved medicine and Rogaine Foam (5% Minoxidil) are not permanent and usually last for approximately five years whereas a hair transplant will give him permanent hair where he is thinning thus preventing from ever being a bald man. “ Advises Dr Maurice Collins, Medical Director of HRBR (Hair Restoration Blackrock), the clinic that treated Louis Walsh and James Nesbitt.

Publication: The Sun
Date: January 28th 2012
Author: Colin Robertson


BGT’s Dec: I’ve not had hair transplant – But Dec Donnelly is taking tablets to make it thicker

DECLAN Donnelly is trying to reverse the march of time by taking HAIR-GROWTH tablets.

And the Britain’s Got Talent host is also taking an extra bottle into the shower – THICKENING SHAMPOO.

Dec set tongues wagging by appearing at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night with a luxuriant head of hair – a far cry from his previous thinning mop.

Some sources suggested he had “done a Rooney” and had a hair transplant just like England striker Wayne.

But we can reveal the 36-year-old has NOT undergone the expensive and time-consuming procedure – also favoured by ex Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner.

Instead he is understood to have opted for a mix of special one -a-day tablets of hair growth chemical and shampoo.

A source said: “Declan has certainly not had a transplant. He knows his hairline is receding and has taken some steps to tackle it. There are all sorts of remedies out there you can get, including tablets and shampoos.

“He’s not exactly kept it a secret. He was even joking about it at the NTAs as people he hadn’t seen for a while had noticed the change.”

One tablet he is likely to have started taking is an FDA approved medicine, popular with celebrities.

The £1-a-day prescription pills boast they “increase the growth of hair on the scalp and prevent hair loss in men with mild to moderate baldness”. They also “help to reverse the balding process”.

There are also Tricologic tablets which do a similar thing and can be bought over the counter.

And and Dec are famous for their receding hairlines and are often dubbed “the two foreheads”.

They had a storming week after being named best entertainment presenters for the 11th year running at the glitzy NTAs at London’s O2.

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