Hair transplant surgery recovery

Hair transplant surgery recovery


Many patients ask us what will happen after they’ve had a hair transplant. What is the hair transplant surgery recovery period post-surgery? Will people notice? Will they have to shave their heads? When can they return to work? When can they return to the gym? Here at HRBR we try and address some of these questions and give prospective patients a guide as to what to expect in the first 12 months after their hair transplant procedure. (Please note, should you proceed with a hair transplant with HRBR, detailed pre and post-operative instructions will be provided to you at the time of booking.)

Most patients are concerned by the thought of shaving their head before having a hair transplant. At HRBR you will not be asked to shave your hair before your hair transplant. In fact we request that you keep approximately 3cm in length in your hair, particularly at the back, to ensure the sutures you will have are well covered and can go unnoticed until they are removed around day 7-10.

On the day of surgery you will be with us for the whole day, normally heading home after your procedure at about 5pm. You are awake the entire day as local anaesthetic is used, similar to a trip to your dentist. That night you will be asked to spray the transplanted hair and the sutures every 15 minutes for 12 hours. This has been proven to help the healing process. Your sutures will be concealed by your hair at the back. The transplanted area may appear red during these initial hours.

Over the next couple of days post-transplant we request that you spray the transplanted area half hourly during waking hours. The transplanted area will still appear a little pink but this should gradually decrease as the days progress.

Hair transplant surgery recovery

Most patients will return to work around day three or four as much of the redness has gone now and the transplant in most cases will be virtually undetectable.

Up to 14 days after the hair transplant the newly transplanted grafts will need extra care until they have secured themselves in their new location. This means no hat or helmet wearing, no vigorous washing, no cutting or colouring etc. We recommend a tea tree shampooing routine during these days, details of which are given when arranging your procedure.

Your sutures will be removed at HRBR between day 7-10.

From week 2-4 many patients report losing some or all of the transplanted hairs. Do not to worry, this is normal. Although the hair has fallen out the roots remain secure and the new hairs will begin to grow over the coming months.

To ensure that any scarring around the suture line is kept to a minimum, no vigorous exercise or heavy lifting is possible in the first month following your hair transplant.

Once the first 14 days have passed you are free to cut, colour or curl your hair.

Patience is a virtue. Now it is time to wait. The transplanted hair will take 12 – 18 months to grow fully, before you get to see the final results. During this time you will be back to HRBR for check ups with your consultant surgeon. There is no additional charge for these appointments as they, and all future appointments, are included in your surgery fee.

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