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Date: June 7, 2011

While women might lament ‘bad hair days’, guys have their own hair concerns.For most, the trouble is knowing what to do with it and what to do when it starts to disappear!As Gary Kavanagh, Creative Director at Peter Mark explains, we’re in the “age of the metrosexual” and men are more image-conscious than ever. But most play it safe with their hair. Kavanagh cites the “impeccably groomed” David Beckham as “a great example of a man in his 30s who continues to change his look through his hair.”

If you’re in a style rut, discuss options with your hairdresser. “I’d recommend finding a stylist that you trust and sticking with them,” says Kavanagh. “They’ll get to know your hair and can advise what style will work best for you.” If you want to dye your hair, go to the professionals, too.

When it comes to thinning hair, “there are some excellent supplements available”, says Kavanagh, “but always seek advice from your GP or pharmacist first. I would advise men never to try the comb-over look; it actually draws more attention to the area and can be a real turn-off for women.”


If you’re concerned about hair loss, you could consider a hair transplant. As Dr Maurice Collins at Hair Restoration Blackrock explains: “To be a suitable candidate you need to have sufficient quality and quantity donor hair. It’s also important to have realistic expectations of what is possible, as no new hair is created.”

You’ll need to attend a consultation and should do lots of research yourself. If you decide to go ahead, you’ll attend a pre-operative assessment, where medical tests will be performed and any questions answered.

The cost is significant as a large team (surgeons, nurses, technicians etc) is required. Usually, just a single one-day surgery session using local anaesthetic is needed and the cost depends on the number of grafts (follicular units) needed. Currently it’s €10 per unit transplanted. After surgery, the transplanted hairs fall out and the new, permanent hair starts to grow. The new hair will grow naturally for the rest of the patient’s life and can be cut, dyed and styled as desired.

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