It’s the countdown to Christmas, and I am looking forward to the holidays. My in- laws are travelling from Spain to stay with us this Christmas and this will be first time they have seen me with a full head of hair!! I am really looking forward to seeing their reaction.

Yesterday, I again talked to my friend who had the hair translpant surgery recently at HRBR. It’s now about four weeks since his surgery. He lost most of the grafted strands after about 3 weeks (the roots do of course stay in place), and he said that while HRBR fully prepared him for this, he did feel a little sad all the same. I consoled him with the fact that the roots are now all in place and that the hairs will grow back in about 3 months. As it happens that will be coming into the Spring time so his permanent hair will be sprouting along with the Spring leaves : ) I’m really looking forward to Christmas now, and I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas

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